Monday, July 26, 2010

Listening portfolio entry no 1 (YouTube)

Source: Commoncraft on Podcasting in Plain English

1. pause and repeat new words
2. take notes

1. This didn't really help me very much. I did think about the new words eg. aether but I had no idea what it meant. I really should have used a dictionary. There was one sentence where just stopping and thinking about what I had heard did actually help me understand it more.

2. Note taking I found much more helpful. I was able to hear most of the information, and wrote down some good ideas. He did talk quite fast though, but it was an OK speed for me. There was a bit at the end that I missed. I had no idea what he meant by broadcasting, even though I could hear the actual word.

1. Pausing and repeating new words might be quite useful if I was listening to a lecture online for instance where the vocab was very difficult. But I prefer to get the whole idea from listening to DVDs or that sort of thing.

2. Note taking is a bit unrealistic to do in general. The only place that I might use that would be for a lecture. However, I think that I might actually try it as a strategy to use to practice, so I'll choose a TV programme and take notes. I'll see if I can get a friend to do the same thing, and then we can compare our notes and talk about what we heard.